Applied Software 605.366.6797

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  • Call us at 605 366 6797 my cell or at my office 605 763 8028 and leave a message.
  • We fix virsues and spyware.
  • Update computers, install SSD Solid State Drives and Keep all your programs and settings.
  • Sell new computers and printers
  • We do networking and troubleshooting
  • Sell routers, switches, network cables, monitors, toner, ink cartridges.
  • Repair notebooks, laptops and desktops
  • We do about everything for Windows based Computers.
  • We do limited work on Macs, since very few things go wrong.
  • We deal with new changes everyday.   If you hear about something, and you want something new, we can probably help you out.
  • We keep up with technology, we are striving to change for the betterment of all users.
  • If you need help and feel like you are being left behind, give us a call!!!  605.366.6797 or 605.763.8028
  • Take Care… Enjoy the ride!!!
  • Reseller for Godaddy
  • Authorized Avast Reseller
  • Authorized Ram Mount Reseller
  • Custom Software Billing