What does Applied Software do?neoabnr

Applied Software Inc. was started in 1985.  We supplied custom applications to the banking and insurance industries.   Then we branched into utility billing including Rural Water Billing Systems, City Billing, Manufacturing and Retailing point of sale.  The customer software packages are cross platform compatible between Macintosh and Windows based computers and they are multiuser ready.
We offer assistance in gaining a web presence by providing help with domain purchase, email setup and support.  We develop and maintain web sites and help you modify information.  We train people to use Office packages onsite.
Applied Software also sells, installs and supports computer hardware, peripherals and network systems, using  Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and currently assisting in Windows 10 assessments.   Server 2008-2012 setup and support is provided as well.  We sell all brands of notebooks and software.

Reseller for Godaddy      

Authorized Avast Reseller    

Authorized Ram Mount Reseller