Botched Microsoft Outlook Update Dec 9, 2015

Microsoft issued an update for outlook  that is flawed.  Causes outlook to only open in Safe Mode… Bad Deal!!!!

You must remove an update and the number of the update is KB3114409    You will need to find the updates, under programs in control panel.  Uninstall it  and outlook works fine.

another option

  1.  Go to Start Enter Run and then select OK   or go to Run if you have it
  2.  type in   Appwiz.cpl  and then select OK.
  3. Then use one of the following procedures depending on the operating system that you are using
    1. windows 7 and vista
      1. select View Installed Updates
      2. in the list of updates, locate and select update KB3114409  and then select Uninstall
  4. Windows XP
    1. Select the Show Updates check box
    2. in the list of updates, locate and select update KB3114409  and then select Remove


Good luck  if you need help   call me at 605-366-6797