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The software is custom written in a database language for each water system. Each system has their own way of doing things that is the reason for the tailoring of the software to each location. The database is completely Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 based and is already setup for multi-user operation. The program will work on Novell, Windows 2008-12 Server and peer to peer networks.
Complete consumer information is maintained regarding their account (s). History of all transactions provides complete audit information. Flexible rate schedules and class breakdowns are modified for each billing system.  No month end routines, can reprint reports any time with the exception of Accounts Receivable as that changes daily, and is a point in time.  Correction notices are generated daily and sent out. Input information is by batch with reports reflecting batch listings, totals. Input from Radio Read, Touch Reads, Cell Reads, Tower Reads, and Satellite Reads works equally as well, with postcard or letter style billings generated.   Monthly reports can be printed to the screen or printer and are numerous: Consumption by class, with non water charges and water charges, Aging of accounts, delinquent lists and notices are prepared, disconnect letters are printed, rolodex cards can be made on demand, billing supplies are printed for any period of time for new consumers and regular consumers, pit history with detail of each work order to a pit is provided, work order tickets are printed, monthly activity of employees who handle the work orders provides management with data to monitor work loads of employees–by type of problem at the pit site, consumption by brackets for rates provide better tools for rate study, metered gallons report determines which meters need rebuilding, 6 month average consumption is maintained to determine over/under usage, 3 year at a glance consumption for each account, notes for every account provide you paperless way to keep track of small details–mad dog or whatever, membership fees, names, deposits or whatever other information is needed can be added to the system easily, annual billings are handled, billing by sending a notice rather than self billing can be done, and while you are doing other things with Windows like typing a letter or a spreadsheet you can jump back and forth to your billing program with ease.  Automatic Payments of accounts by using ACH method can be added at any time.  Voice shot files, Hydraulic analysis detail files for base year plus 5 years, online payments, Email Billings out, usage charts printed on bills comparing last year usage to this year usage monthly and much much more.
You can now print billings on full sheets of paper, use mechanical folders to stuff return envelope, and seal the mailer.  3rd Party software integrates via a PDF print run and provides carrier route sorting, giving you tray labels, post office settlement sheet, and you SAVE POSTAGE!!!!  Email the billings for even greater savings!!!!!   Worktickets with inventory items used printed on duplex so one sheet two sides call tickets with inventory used on the back side.
Accounting / Payroll:
Separate program written in the same database as the billing program. It provides complete Accounts payable information and checkwriting with distribution to GL automatically. Recurring monthly General Ledger entries can be used to speed up monthly posting. Income statements, operating expenses, prior period comparisons, budget comparisons, balance sheet and general ledger are the reports produced at period end. Invoice history is maintained for all vendors. So if you need to look up what you paid for some pipe 6 months ago, it will be at your fingertips–call up the vendors name and list invoices. All your distributions to general ledger will show as well. Check reconcilation is done on the computer as well as a check register. A schedule of bills to be paid and those that have been paid can be printed for any period of time or for any vendor. YTD purchases for each vendor is provided so you can have tools to negotiate better discounts based on prior purchases. You don’t have to add up invoices to get this information. Contact names and phone numbers are also there. Inventory is provided to maintain control of items used and on hand. Average cost for items is calculated whenever new inventory is added or removed. A by job report of items used can be produced if needed.  
These are some of the highlights of this easy to use, Windows Based, Multiuser ready, program for your accounting needs. A demonstration provides a much better way to see the true functionality of the software.  Please call us at 605-763-8028 or email us.  I cover basically any area in the United States.  I can provide list of customers for you to talk to or visit with.  The Software is being rewritten into Filemaker Pro 15.  We will be installing the tests.   You can actually run the software on Apple Ipads, Windows computers, and Macs soon!
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